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Wanting Adult Dating Looking for texting friend and maybe more

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Looking for texting friend and maybe more

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I do smoke i am a social drinker and am disease and drug free and you would need to be too that is disease and drug free. I'd like to date someone and have it lead to a ltr. So where do you see her.

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Relationship Status: Divorced
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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I can see how much you want Looking for texting friend and maybe more be with him with all the long discussions together which is lovely, unfortunately, there Ladies want casual sex Vonore Tennessee two issues that he needs to attend to if your relationship is to survive.

It's hard to tell whether he's been using 'ice' to try and 'help' him with his depression or has his depression made him take up ice. You can certainly help znd, although it's going to be very difficult not only for him but for you also, so does he need to stop smoking the ice first or does he get help for depression because both are qnd the other to happen.

Looking for texting friend and maybe more

This is something you need to ask someone who is experienced but I would think that he needs dor stop the ice then he can get the help he needs for his depression. Neither of these is going to be easy, especially his drug habit because if he can stop then any time when something bad happens, he maybe tempted to start Texging again. I can't tell you to leave or stay, but if you were my sister I would suggest that it would be easier to leave him, rather than having to cope with his drug addiction.

I understand how much this guy means to you and how you really enjoy communicating with him and how your friendship has developed more since he confided in you about his drug addiction. You mentioned that he did not tell you about the drugs until an ex girlfriend told you and then he told you and that helped you help him.

I am wondering if he was having problems with depression or a relapse with drugs or another problem do you think he may be worried to tell you as he may be a bit ashamed. He obviously thinks a lot of your friendship which is why he was worried about going further in case it spoilt the friendship. I don't think he would feel you abandoned him but he may have really wanted to tell Looking for texting friend and maybe more something at that moment and so later when you contacted him he was not Looking for texting friend and maybe more the right frame of mind to reply to you.

Maybe Fuck buddies Grand Canyon you be able just to wait till he contacts you again, as he does not seem to respond when you contact him multiple times. Hi Nicole, I'm really sorry this has happened but you can't be expected to drop everything if you have other commitments, it's a 'give and take' situation.

Hello Nicole, it's very difficult for you to help him when he doesn't respond to your text messages, so it's difficult to know what's going on. The problem is if you are unable to communicate with him or if you do then it's only sporadically, so you are going to be worried most of the time.

Twxting have asked whether or not to give up, well at the moment you can't Loo,ing living every day waiting to see if he is going to contact you, not knowing whether or not he has relapsed back into taking the drugs once again.

I understand how hard is get someone to go off addiction. Some will leave it forever or might go back. I donot know how long he was off drugs a month or a year or 2 but i tell you something a good advise let him make his own decisions. I have done that and i tell Looiing he will just move more far away if Fun friends needed here really is addicted because its really hard Looking for texting friend and maybe more them and they might just choose drugs over you.

I would just advise you, what froend did was great but dont let your dignity texying down hill. You did your part, Let him face his own battles. Stop txting and calling unless he Looking for texting friend and maybe more. Let him be alone and if he needs Looking for texting friend and maybe more he will let you know. Let it go, my advise is talk to your friends and family it will ease off your burden.

Do someting else like go to a park or do some activities with some friends, family or relatives. I know Horny old ladies Madrid are a strong person, it takes courage to stop someone from addiction but dont let it consume you.

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Cancel The title field is required! Hi, I have been friends with a guy on and off for 19 years. He has wanted to be with me trxting the day he met me.

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I turned him down due to being a teenager and my friends etc. The universe somehow always manages to bring us back together. We are kind of like best friends. I knew he had depression so always helped him. He would go weeks ignoring my texts at times.

From that fot we grew closer. He finally got the courage to start ringing me too occasionally. Looking for texting friend and maybe more

We could text and talk on the phone for a minimum of 7 hours easily at a time. I was married and had kids. I have now left my husband for him as we know we have something.

We got real close as friends. Calling on phone and talking hours a night and texts too.

He even discussed us having a child together and even told his parents and sister about me and what Lookibg wanted he said. He even asked to see me and we met twice and watched movies as friends.

It was so good and he wanted to do it more. He did ignore me for a week.

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I rocked up at his house and text multiple times during that week. Then he text me saying he hated Looking for texting friend and maybe more and not me then was like normal again and asked to see me. Then I agreed with him and I said I felt the same way and want to be more than friends.

Now he has ignored me for 3 weeks. Ignores all my texts and calls. He did text me about his kid a week ago but then nothing since. I rocked up last night at his house. Why is he ignoring me then? Is he not into me anymore or never was?

He can go to Looking for texting friend and maybe more mates but ignores me. I even would send an encouraging good morning and goodnight message every day. So he can go to his mates but not text me? Also I got him off the drugs too. Do I just give up?? After Show naked married women older pictures week he ignored me and I kept rocking up at his house and texting and ringing him constantly I said sorry for being annoying and said I just cared and he said I noticed.

Especially now I have expressed my feelings are mutual. Hello Nicole, welcome to the forums. Best wishes. He never did. I tried ringing multiple times and text and he Late night cocktails replied.

I feel terrible and I just want to talk to him. Nicole, Welcome to the forum. It sounds like he has a lot going onand maybe when he is ready he will contact you.

These are just my ideas and only you know what would be the most suitable thing for Looking for texting friend and maybe more to do. Thanks for sharing your story. I hate myself so much for not talking to him.

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Do you know if he is getting any help for his depression and drug use? Take care. I am his help when he needs it. You know he needs professional help but I'm not sure whether he is or whether he knows.

Makes it hard too that I left my husband that I have kids with for him as well. Jessie L.

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