The Ultimate Guide To Color (in the Kitchen)

Color Your Kitchen with Neoflam

Color is tied to emotions unlike any other visual cue. Blue inspires calmness and trust. Red evokes energy and passion. Green embodies life and nature. Discover which color speaks to you and start coloring your kitchen!

Blue: Just as the ocean’s waves crash gently on a warm summer’s day, blue is a strong, dependable color that promotes a sense of calm. There is no limit to how blue can be incorporated into the design of your kitchen. It works as both a strong presence and subtle accent.


Red: The warm glow of a fire and the striking figure of a rose are emblematic of the most passionate of colors: red. Adding red to your kitchen will bring energy into the space and inspire culinary magic. Styles may change throughout the decades, but the boldness of red will never fade.


Yellow: Happiness springs eternal from the well of yellow. We connect yellow to the sun, life, and all of the joys therein. Bringing this hue into your kitchen will add a sense of freshness to your surroundings, and to the food you cook.


Pink: Often seen as girly, pink is truly a sophisticated color that requires a deft touch. When used correctly, incorporating pink into your kitchen can add a groovy, retro flare or a vibrant modern look.


Orange: Whether it is in a gorgeous sunset, or on a piece of scrumptious fruit, we gravitate towards orange wherever it may be. The comfortable warmth of orange balances the joy of yellow with the energy of red ever gracefully. You can use orange in your kitchen to create striking contrast, or to accent a more traditional aesthetic.


Green: As the color of nature, nothing pairs with nutritious foods like green kitchenware. It is nearly impossible to match the feeling of harmony gained from a green-soaked kitchen. You can almost feel healthier just by looking.


Neutral: We know. Neutral is technically not a color, but we make it look so good we couldn’t leave it out. No modern design would be complete without pristine, white cookware. Ditch the black and steel, and choose a cleaner, more elegant palette.


That’s a wrap on our color guide! We hope you are inspired to add color to your kitchen.

[P.S.] What is your favorite color? Did we Leave it Out? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hard to choose I like the Pink and the Orange!!!!

  2. Christal Miller says:

    Need a lilac or deep purple 🙂

  3. Evie says:

    Now loving blue, but cannot find it in the pieces I want. Want it in the milk pan most of all.

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