Stay Hydrated: 5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking More Water

Drink Water. Live Better.

As the heat rises it has never been more important to stay hydrated. Water keeps all of your body’s essential functions running at optimal capacity. We won’t bore you with the facts. You already know your body is 60% water, you know should be drinking over 60 ounces per day, and you know that peeing regularly is a good sign. However, the benefits of drinking more water can be easily forgotten. It is more than an essential. Nature’s magical recipe combining two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen deserves recognition as the awesome, life-affirming delicacy it is. So, here is a friendly reminder to treat yourself by hydrating yourself. Five reasons you should be drinking more water include:

[1] Stay Beautiful: Water is the purest beauty treatment there is. If you are not getting enough water, your skin will begin to dry out and unveil wrinkles. The best way to maintain a glowing complexion is through ritual water drinking and daily moisturizers to lock in said water. You will look good, feel good, and look gooooood.

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[2] Stay Refreshed: Water is the most refreshing source of energy. We’ve all been hit by that lethargic feeling on a Wednesday afternoon. Suddenly your cubicle feels like it has dropped out of the space-time continuum as the minute hand grinds to a screeching halt (who still has an analog clock?). Instead of jumping for some caffeine, which is a diuretic that could increase your chance of being dehydrated, reach for a cool glass of water.

neoflam hydration water

[3] Stay Clear Headed: Water is the best headache reliever. Have you ever gone on a hike or long walk in the sun and felt a pulsing headache come on as you near the end? This is probably because you didn’t drink enough water. A headache is one of the symptoms of dehydration. It is the same reason you wake up with a woodpecker piercing your temple after a long night of drinking. Hydrate yourself! And keep a clear head.

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[4] Stay Active: Water is the O.G. of sports drinks. Before colorful sugar water became the norm, water was the go to liquid for athletes. While electrolytes are important, there are other ways to get nutrients into your system without grams of sugar and salt. Try eating a banana. If you truly want to live an active lifestyle, water will fuel your muscles, circulate nutrients, and keep you energized. So simple. Also, water is the original diet drink too. Zero calories the natural way.

neoflam hydration water

[5] Stay Young: Water is the fountain of youth. Ponce de Leon travelled the world for the infamous fountain of youth when he could have just chilled by any old mountain spring. Silly Ponce. You’ve known this since you were old enough for the kiddie pool. Water is fun, joyful, and full of spirit. Drinking plenty will keep your joints lubricated, reduces your risk of certain types of cancer, and is just generally good for you for all of the reasons mentioned above.

Cheers. Let us raise our bottles — to water.

[P.S.] Let us know how you stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months!

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