Got A Makeover!

The Launch Party!

The new is up and running. It has been a big project around here and our team is very proud of the result. We hope you find it to be informative, engaging, and a good representation of our company. Most of all, we’d love to get your feedback on ways to improve your experience while visiting the site. Do you have questions about the products we didn’t address? Is there a feature that is not working for you? Please let us know! Or, you could simply tell us how much you love it… we love compliments.

One unique aspect of the site is that it features our entire product catalog. You may come across some products that you have not seen before, or that are not for sale in the U.S. However, if enough people ask for them we could add them to our stock. So, we encourage you to explore the collection section at the bottom of each product page and see if anything catches your eye. shelf

We wanted the experience to be like shopping at your favorite home goods store. Simply click on a product to learn more. pop up

A pop-up will appear with catalog information including color options, how to buy, and a contact form to become a reseller. Once you’re done, you can close the pop-up and learn about another product — all on one page!

Before you get to the virtual shelf section, we take you through a brief overview of the product category. These sections highlight unique characteristics about our products with stunning photography and easily readable information. product section hydration

The new is a great resource for consumers, resellers, and business partners around the world to engage with the company and learn more about our products.

To celebrate, we are holding a virtual Launch Party with great prizes (U.S. Residents only). Head on over to to enter to win up to $300!


[P.S.] Let us know what you think about our new website! We think it's pretty cool.

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