How To: Upgrade Your Football Party With Fondue

Fondue And Football

Crab cakes and football — what could be better? FONDUE and football! The alliteration alone is worth it. You and your friends will find yourselves rejoicing in the phrase all day. You can hear it now. Your team scores a touchdown… “Fondue and football!” Your fantasy player scores a touchdown… “Fondue and football!” Your friend gets cheese all over their face… “Napkins and football!”


Our NatureCook line makes the perfect vessel for melty cheese. If you have ever watched a cooking show where they make fondue, you might see the bubbly host putting together ingredients on a stove before transferring the finished product into a ceramic pot. This is just fine if you’re a rookie and fondue is reserved for date nights with a candelabra. But you are a football snacking pro. Nothing is beyond your reach. Last year you had a triple-decker DIY sandwich tower. Now it is time to bust out the cheese and give your finger foods an upgrade. The good news is making some couldn’t be simpler. You can find a million recipes. Our favorite happens to include BEER!


Yes that is right. We said it. Beer and cheese. Beer cheese. Is anything more football than beer cheese? Maybe Mike Ditka with a mustache full of beer cheese. That’s about it. But before you run to the store, you got to remember you need more than beer cheese to make a good snack. Football may be a manly sport, but your friends don’t want to see you dunk your hand in cheese just to lick it off. Hand dipping not recommended. Instead, buy some nice bread. Other suggested dippers include sausages, apples, and broccoli — eat your greens!



You’re all set. There is nothing more we can teach you. Go forth and fondue like a champ!

[P.S.] What's your favorite football snack?

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