The 10 Best Copycat Recipes

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Copycat Recipes Are Too Cool For School.

Remember when you used to make fun of your 2nd grade friends by calling them a “copycat” after they went down the slide backwards right after you did! Yes, it was infuriating. But as infuriating as it was then, it is oh so delicious now that the shoe, or spatula, is on the other foot. Now is your chance to take back that copycat title and wear it with immense pride. Here are the 10 Best Copycat Recipes in the history of cats copying recipes:

Number 10: Panda Express Orange Chicken

Arguably the best orange chicken going, this delicacy deserves more than a copycat recipe. It deserves a parade of orange marching down chicken street with a band of pandas playing “Express Yourself” on full blast. (P.S. Trader Joes Orange Chicken is a close runner-up)

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Number 9: Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

Save yourself a trip to NYC by whipping up a batch of these chocolatey delights.

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Number 8: Panera Mac and Cheese

Squeaking in just ahead of KFC Mac and Cheese is Panera’s famous version. Artisanal Turkey Sandwich, anyone?

Number 7: Olive Garden Breadsticks

Whenever a basket of breadsticks lands on your table at Olive Garden you are immediately consumed into a mind-altering vortex only to emerge several minutes later from a carb-induced blackout wondering why there are no more breadsticks until the waiter returns with more… and the cycle continues.

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Number 6: KFC Biscuits

Everyone’s favorite part of KFC is the biscuits right? Amiright? Please tell us how we are wrong in the comments below.

Number 5: P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps

This one is tough to get just right. But practice makes perfect. So start practicing.

Number 4: Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Bites

Tiny pretzels?! We wish Anne were our Auntie.

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Number 3: Chick-Fil-A Sandwich

People love these chicken sandwiches. Like, literally love them. And we are nothing if not champions for the people.

Number 2: Chipotle Cilantro Rice

Rice, cilantro, and lime. So simple yet so good.

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Number 1: Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Recipe

The ole ‘bucks is never short of copycatters. We went with this caramel macchiato because all other drinks are just pretenders.

[P.S.] Let us know about your favorite copy cat recipes!

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