Not All Nonstick is Created Equal

PTFE vs. Ceramic Nonstick

Nonstick cookware is the largest sector of the cookware market because it’s convenient to use. If you have some black nonstick pans in your cupboard, chances are they are made with PTFE. Professional chefs use fancy stainless steel pots and cast iron pans, but the average joe can’t. Who wants to spend hours scrubbing after dinner anyway? But, with all of the hullabaloo surrounding PTFE cookware and its side effects, some are wary of nonstick. Luckily, we here at Neoflam have the perfect solution to put your mind at ease: Ecolon ceramic nonstick coating.

First off, is PTFE and PFOA actually bad for you? This article from SuperFoodly does an excellent job of breaking things down as they discuss Teflon pans. In summary, PTFE can cause flu-like symptoms in humans when used improperly (overheated). To make matters worse, the IARC labeled PFOA “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, and the EPA has issued a “Drinking Water Health Advisory for PFOA and PFOS”. In fact, DuPont, a leading manufacturer of PTFE through their Teflon brand, reached a settlement with the EPA for $16.5 million for concealing the knowledge of PFOA’s toxicity and environmental presence. The New York Times excellently covered the DuPont story in this article.

Given all of that, when used properly, PTFE is safe for cooking, and manufacturers have phased out the use of PFOA. Consumers, armed with this knowledge, must decide which products they are comfortable using in their homes. As SuperFoodly points out, PTFE is safe when used correctly, but it can be easily misused during the normal process of cooking.

We prefer to produce products that consumers do not have to worry about misusing. The innovative Ecolon ceramic nonstick coating is one such solution. Made with a fused silica base, the coating provides excellent nonstick performance and scratch-resistant durability without the need for PTFE or PFOA. With each iteration, our ceramic coating yields better performance across all salient metrics including: nonstick, durability, scratch-resistance, heat efficiency, and more.


Ceramic coating gets its name from the natural materials it is comprised of. The end result is a beautifully colorful piece of cookware you can depend on. It is easy to cook with, easy to clean, and, best of all, easy on the eyes. So if living naturally and trying to avoid too many chemicals is something you are interested in, look no further than Neoflam kitchenware.

[P.S.] what nonstick do you prefer? please share your experiences using nonstick cookware in the comments below.

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