A Cookware Revolution: Neoflam’s Cast Aluminum Factory

The Best Aluminum is Cast Aluminum

We know. The first item on your bucket list it to take a tour of a world class cast aluminum cookware factory. It has been a childhood dream of yours forever. Finally, Neoflam is here to make it possible.

Joking aside, casting aluminum cookware has countless advantages over other methods. “Stamping” is the traditional method for making aluminum cookware. This is where a large aluminum sheet is pressed and cut into a desired shape by large machines — like a giant cookie cutter only with a less tasty outcome. While this allows companies to produce large amounts of cookware cheaply and quickly, it has some drawbacks. For starters, it kills creativity. The number of shapes that can be stamped into existence is limited. Second, it creates natural weak spots and inconsistencies. The aluminum sheet must stretch and bend into place, which weakens its overall integrity and creates those annoying “hotspots” when you finally use the pan.

What’s the solution? Casting. The casting process allows for variable designs, as seen in our award-winning Eela stockpots, and greater integrity. We don’t want to spoil all of the fun in the video, but basically each piece of cookware is born of fire and touched by skilled craftsmen. The end result is a more durable piece of cookware with outstanding qualities including: efficient and even heating, long-lasting, unique designs, rivetless, and more. When the cookware is finished with our Ecolon Ceramic Nonstick Coating, it becomes the finest nonstick cookware you’ll find anywhere.

Enough chatter… just click below to start your tour of our state of the art factory — the world’s largest producer of cast aluminum cookware.

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