The 10 Best Ways to Eat Avocado

Avocado, You Never Cease To Amaze

Avocado is a delicious green fruit that possesses a rare combination of nutritious and addictive qualities. It has become such a ubiquitous part of the American culinary scene that one could excuse younger generations for assuming it has always been so. But not until recently could you enter almost any dining establishment and see “avocado” listed right next to “bacon” as add-ons to a burger. You know you’re doing something right when you’ve made it to “bacon” level.

Imagine telling your grandpappy that one day you’d be enjoying your daily breakfast toast with a topping of some creamy green fruit instead of a tablespoon of lard and homemade preserves. He’d think you were crazy! Or some type of futureman from ‘dem moving pictures. But it is true! Avocado has smeared, diced, mashed, and sauced its way onto or inside of more than simply toasted bread. It can be found in almost every meal you can think of. Here are a few of the best:

Number 10: Avocado Pesto

If you never thought avocado would find its way onto your pasta, you are not alone. But it did. And I’m not mad about it.

avocado pesto pasta

Number 9: Avocado Ice Cream

The vegans hit a homerun with this one. Avocado ice cream is truly delicious. Even without the milk, the absurdly creamy texture seems almost unfair. How can we live up to such a delicacy? By eating more, of course.

avocado vegan ice cream

Number 8: Avocado Toast

Haters might be hating that avocado toast is so low. After all, it is the chic breakfast go-to for your locally-owned, organically sourced, gentrified urbanite cafe. The A-Toast gets points for its simplicity, but the avo has so much more to give.

avocado toast egg

Number 7: Cobb Salad

The avocado made its mark in the U.S. with its appearance on our salads. None more notable than the Cobb salad. Yes, the bacon and blue cheese are often the stars of the show. But if there was no ‘cado on your Cobb you would send it back. Right?

avocado cobb salad

Number 6: Avocado Burger

If there is one thing every artisan burger needs, it is avocado. Nuff said.

avocado burger

Number 5: BLT-AAA

There is almost something primal about the marriage between the classic BLT and avocado. The savory texture blends with the crispy, salty bacon so well that it truly embodies the ideal relationship. ‘Til death do them part.

blt bacon avocado sandwich

Number 4: Tacos

Mexico is the world’s largest producer of avocados, so it makes sense that they would find the best ways to eat it. While avocado is not a traditional ingredient in a taco, it sure seems like it should be. It’s like the perfect delivery vehicle to get more avocado in your mouth.

avocado taco carnitas

Number 3: California Roll

Sushi purists be damned! We Americans like our sushi how we like it. With a whole lot of rice and stuff that isn’t raw fish! Cue the avocado. Without avocado, a California roll would just be a mixture of imitation crab and despair. And without a California roll, American roll-style sushi wouldn’t exist. Top a C-roll with some assorted fish and it’s a rainbow roll. Top it with some eel and it’s a dragon roll. Top it with some avocado and it’s not really sushi – but it tastes good!

sushi avocado

Number 2: Salt, Lemon, and Olive Oil

Sometimes pure and simple is the way to go. This is one of those times.

avocado oil salt

Number 1: Guacamole

You know why…

guacamole avocado

[P.S.] Let us know your favorite way to eat Avocado!

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