The 10 Best Kitchen Tools in the History of Mankind

Let’s Get Cooking!

“This is where the magic happens.”, is a phrase usually reserved for celebrity bedrooms on MTV Cribs. But we all know the truth. The real magic happens in the kitchen. We put together a list of all the best tools that help make that magic happen. Specifically, the magic of getting food into our bellies. If you don’t have one of these items, you better get to it. They range from historical mainstays to modern must-haves. Here are the 10 Best Kitchen Tools in the History of Mankind:

Number 10: Wok

Famous in Asian cuisine, this versatile cooking tool is good for making just about anything. The unique shape creates an unrivaled cooking surface for stir-frys. Plus, nothing looks cooler than cooking with a wok.

neoflam kitchen tool

Number 9: French Press

Coffee aficionados rejoice! You’ve cracked the top 10. The French Press is still the best way to make a cup-o-joe. So put down your K-cups, grind up some freshly roasted beans, and enjoy coffee the way it was meant to taste.

neoflam kitchen tool

Number 8: Pressure Cooker

Time saving is always a plus in the kitchen. Anything you can do to get a three pound roast done in under an hour is truly a miracle. A miracle we say!

neoflam kitchen tool

Number 7: Rolling Pin

Baking takes place in the kitchen. You can’t bake without a rolling pin. And it doubles as Mama’s threatening billy club.

neoflam kitchen tool

Number 6: Spatula

Have you ever tried to flip flood without a spatula? Try it. Then tell us the spatula doesn’t deserve a spot on this list.

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Number 5: Cutting Board

Cutting things on a counter… bad. Cutting things on a plate… bad. Cutting things on a cutting board… good.

neoflam kitchen tool

Number 4: Stockpot

Dutch oven. Stockpot. Just “a pot”. No matter what you call it the stockpot is essential to many cooking endeavors.

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Number 3: Frying Pan

They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all do one job – make things taste good. That smell of onions browning with butter a garlic is the best part of any decent recipe.

neoflam kitchen tool

Number 2: Knife

Can you prep food for cooking without a knife? A karate chop isn’t going to cut it. Literally.

neoflam kitchen tool

Number 1: Fire

To cook is to add heat. To add heat requires fire. Forget you, microwave… and you oven… and you toaster oven. Gah, electricity quashed the whole fire thing. But you get the point.

neoflam kitchen tool

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